Brianne Norberg



Brianne is the founder of Warrior Women Fitness. Warrior Women Fitness is a lifestyle brand promoting female empowerment through health and fitness. 

Their goal is to support and encourage women through daily workouts, and empower them to conquer all other obstacles in their lives.

Brianne has been a personal trainer for over four years. Her passion is coaching women to build physical and mental strength, develop confidence and self-love, and create healthy habits through fitness and nutrition. Brianne’s workouts are meant to challenge you, but also build you up. Her clients leave the gym feeling accomplished and empowered. The Warrior Women community is full of strong, encouraging women who want to see you succeed. It’s a great environment where you feel welcomed and a part of a team!


  • NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)
  • CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach)
  • USAW (USA-Weightlifting)
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