About the Academy


The Academy Training and Performance Center is a specialized performance based facility located in Downtown Sacramento, California. With over 10,000 square feet of space, we have the capacity to provide a diverse fitness experience to fulfill all of our clients’ needs.

We provide 50 yards of turf for sprints, agility complexes, sled pushes and cone drills.

The facility is also equipped with eight Olympic lifting platforms, Sorinex power racks, a TRX suspension training center, over 24 Onnit steel maces, and several Free-Motion cable stations. Our conditioning equipment consists of rowers, assault bikes, battle ropes, and more.

The Academy team strives to provide our clients with only the most innovative and effective tools for producing healthy results.


We specialize in personal training, group training, sports specific programs, and team training. Through our unique and unconventional style of programing, coupled with the use of traditional training methods, our certified personal trainers and coaches will assist you with your quest to achieve your individual fitness goals. And we do it through safe and efficient means.

The Academy holds strength and conditioning classes five times a day, five days a week, with one conditioning class on Saturdays. Our strength classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and are designed to challenge all levels of fitness while improving overall strength. The conditioning classes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Clients receive a combination of bodyweight exercises and athletic movements. With the guidance of our experienced trainers, our clients are exceeding their health and fitness goals for life and sport.